Bamboo and You

Phyllostachys vivax ‘Aureocaulis’

The Phyllostachys vivax, or also commonly known as Aureocaulis, is a newer species of the bamboo family. This species was imported from Europe to America, but more accurately had its origins in Japan. All of the qualities of this bamboo make it one of the most elegant forms of the hardy bamboo families. It has tall yellow rods that can spring up to around 65 feet. Within these yellow rods, however, there are a mixture of thin and thick green stripes. This unique characteristic makes it a gorgeous plant to look at up close and from afar.

This type of bamboo differs from others in that it grows to its fullest when it is completely exposed to sun. It needs a lot of water and tentative care during hot summers, but all around is an easy plant to take care of. Each new shoot of this bamboo is different and none are ever alike. Keeping this plant healthy offers a rewarding view once fully grown.

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