Bamboo and You

Why Buy a Bamboo Habitat?

bamboo habitats

You probably already know about the environmental benefits of using bamboo instead of hardwood, right?  You also likely know that bamboo is a soft wood and is easy to manipulate into interesting shapes.  But did you know that there are animal and insect habitats made of bamboo?  It’s true!

Bamboo Habitat for the Bees

One such habitat is designed for mason bees.  You may not know about Mason Bees, so let’s learn about them.  Mason bees come in hundreds of varieties in North America and are a native bee, unlike the honey bee.  Mason bees get their name because they tend to use mud to make their little masonry homes, which are often long holes or cracks initially.  The bees will make a tube-shaped home, which is just the right size for their singular eggs, lined up in the tube.  However, finding such ideal cracks and holes can be difficult, so people decided to build simple bamboo habitats for a number of mason bees to live.

These docile, solitary bees are beneficial to flowering plants and are highly valued by gardeners and orchardists.  The thing about mason bees is that they tend to be sloppy pollinators.  Unlike honey bees, which collect the pollen on their hind legs mostly, mason bees will cover themselves in pollen.  Because of that tendency of mason bees, they are 95% more proficient at pollinating than honey bees.  Mason bees have relatively short lives and do not waste any time doing anything else than collecting pollen and making their homes to protect their young.  They also come in many different sizes, but the most common size range comes with the bamboo mason bee habitat.

A Bamboo Home for the Birds

A second habitat that is available is small bamboo bird house.  In the picture example, the hole is 1 ¼” entrance.  It is perfect for a variety of common birds.  It includes a door to clean out the bird house at the end of every season.

A Bamboo Home for Butterflies

The third habitat picture is designed for butterflies.  It acts as a protective enclosure for the caterpillars to turn into butterflies.

All of these homes are built using sustainable bamboo, offer protection from some predators and the elements.  They feature woven bamboo fibers in a teardrop shape, to shed water.  These are definitely worth checking out.

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