Bamboo and You

Using Bamboo to Block Wind

The use of bamboo as a way to block the wind is a great sustainable option and has good benefits for the environment too. Bamboo is considered to be one of the promising renewable resources of the 21st century as it is easy to grow on various types of soils and needs little more than water and sunlight for its proper growth.  The main purpose of using bamboo as a wind blocker is the ability to break wind and provide shelter and protection for anything. So the use of bamboo reduces the force of the wind instead of trying to stop it, making it then an ideal and ecological measure.

A very important feature of bamboo is its flexibility. When stronger winds occur, the bamboos can bend at ground level and then return to their normal height without breaking. Therefore, applying bamboo as a windbreaker is an interesting long-term investment. Another factor is the firmness in the soil, which even in the face of extreme climatic conditions such as windstorms, hurricanes, does not cause damage or danger to those around.

The resistance is such a positive attribute that Asian constructions use bamboo as protection against a region with high incidence of earthquakes and strong winds, leaving the buildings intact. And its cultivation has a rapid growth, making it a great economic investment because is totally viable. In addition, using bamboo has several other advantages for the environment, such as CO² capture, shading, contribution to climate improvement, landscaping, fauna shelter, erosion soil protection, waste reduction, low cost of production and easy handling, non-fossil fuel, high productive efficiency and increase the quality of life of the population.

For reason that environment and sustainability, the use of bamboo is recommended for those who need to block the incidence of strong winds, as well being economical and easy to handle.

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