Bamboo and You

Bamboo FAQ

Is bamboo stronger than steel?Bamboo has a greater tensile strength (resistance to being pulled apart) than steel thus making it stronger than steel. However, due to bamboos size and shape variations, some bamboos might be weaker than steel. It is also important to understand that bamboo withstands compression better than concrete making it an ideal building material.
What are ecological benefits of bamboo?Bamboo forests have numerous environmental benefits because they control soil erosion, provide organic matter thus improving soil fertility, conserve biodiversity, function as carbon sinks by using carbon dioxide to photosynthesize. In addition, bamboo beautifies the landscape and regulate water levels in watersheds.
What are challenges of using bamboo?Just like other building materials, to use bamboo you need to have skilled labor and experience about the material to produce high-quality products. In addition, you need to maintain the products made for them to last longer. For instance, if you have a bamboo flooring, you need to avoid spilling a lot of water even when cleaning to avoid staining, plumping and warping. Excess water might also facilitate the growth of mold and mildews especially on the sub-floor. If you would like to prolong its lifespan, regular maintenance is recommended.
What are the benefits of using bamboo?Using bamboo in your home has a wide range of benefits. Some of these benefits include: easy maintenance, the material is water resistant, ecologically friendly and durable. Bamboo materials are also easy to refinish and they are affordable to most people.
What climate favors the growth of bamboos?With more than 1,000 different species, the climate and temperature differ from one species to another although most bamboo species do well in tropical climates.
Do bamboos have types?Yes. Although bamboo has different sizes and varieties, there are mainly two types of bamboo species types. These are: running bamboo that spreads through runners and clumping bamboos that usually grow in tighter clumps. Your choice will be determined by the fact whether you want the bamboo to spread or contain it in one area in your garden or land.
Where does bamboo grow?It grows in many hot, tropical areas of the world. You will find them in China, India, and many more places. China is known as The Kingdom of Bamboo.
Is it possible to remove, transplant or kill bamboo?Yes. If you don’t want bamboo to grow in your land anymore or you want to transplant it in another area, you can remove, transplant or kill bamboo plants. You can either dig it up or use herbicides if you want to remove/transplant or kill the plant.
What is a rhizome?It is a continuously growing underground stem that sends out lateral shoots and roots at various intervals.
What is a rhizome barrier?A rhizome barrier is a physical barrier, such as concrete, that stops the rhizome from spreading. Heavy plastic can also be used.